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  1. he was very nice and such a sweetheart I still can’t believe that’s his gone for ever he was literally the nicest person he never bothered anyone at any point he just had too much of a good heart… Ahmed JPA

  2. This has broken my heart. I cared for Thomas at St Gabs nursery. He was the most sweetest little boy.
    I’m thinking of you all and sending lots of love

  3. Thomas was one of those friends who was like a brother to me and that he never let his fear get the better of him meaning that he was never afraid of doing anything. He saw that he can do the best he can if he sets his mind to it. And that’s exactly what he did especially in is times of doing art I saw that as an inspiration and knew that he could do art in the future. Because he saw that as his therapy and how it helps him be himself and that having him as a friend was the best thing that I could ask for. So Thomas if you’re hearing this just know that I’ll miss you but I’ll never forget you no matter where I go. Rest easy pal

  4. So sad to read this I cant imagine the heartache you are going through. Please be kind to one another…rest peaceful Thomas x

  5. I didn’t know Thomas, read about his story online, just wanted his friends and family to know that his story touched me and I’m thinking of them and wishing them the very best.
    Thomas you sound like u were a great guy and you are loved by many family and friends, rest easy n shine bright!

  6. I never had the pleasure of knowing Thomas but his beautiful memorial page touched my heart. What an incredible boy who clearly lit up the lives of everyone around him. Rest in peace x

  7. Hi I’ve just read your story and it’s left me in tears. What a beautiful young boy I’m so so sorry for your loss. It breaks my heart when young people think life is so bad they have to do this. My dad took his life 24 years ago.
    You’re in my thoughts x

  8. What a terribly sad and tragic story. Such promise and talent never to be fully realised. Sending love and hope to Thomas’s family x

  9. I didn’t know this young man but reading the little information about him and looking at the family photos he certainly had plenty of love and enjoyed his short time with you. Unfortunately you can’t control all the outside influences of young people today and this is a case in point. I hope you remember the good times when he was with you as he would want you to do. He may have gone too early but whilst here he touched many peoples hearts. I can’t find any words to help you but hopefully your God or friends will help you.
    Rest in peace young man you will meet again.

  10. Just read about Thomas’ story now (October 2022) it’s honestly heartbreaking he seemed like a lad and a very handsome one also. I hope his family are healing and are okay. My prayers are with them x

  11. So very sorry to read this story. My son took his own life as an adult. Thomas sadly didn’t get that far, bless him. Life is so cruel and peer group pressure is intense. I want to put my arms around you, his family, and hold you tight. I don’t know you but I feel your pain. Thomas looked like a beautiful person. XXX

  12. I didn’t know Thomas but wanted to send our love to you all and wish you all well in providing help to others in Thomas’s situation, like a lot of parents and grandparents we are all too aware of how devastating and difficult life is especially for those of school age, I hope we can all make a change, so no more of our handsome, beautiful children feel they have to leave us so soon.
    With love the Major family.

  13. I’m so terribly sorry this has happened. I can’t begin to imagine the pain and heartache you’re all going through. Rest in Peace now Thomas xx

    1. So so sad, iJust read this heart breaking story. My thoughts & prayers are with the family. God bless you Thomas

  14. This is an awful thing. Having suffered bullying ( which is what this is) as an adult i can understand how this broke this young lad’s heart and confidence. It is hard enough to deal with as an adult let alone a teenager when friendship is so important. I hope these cruel children realise what they have done and learn from this. I wish schools would watch out for these sort of events and do some sort of education on the subject of bullying and the harm it can do. God bless you Thomas and may He comfort this family on their terrible loss.

  15. Such a lovely page for such a lovely boy. Shame I don’t have a flickr account. I am sure Thomas is at peace now and I hope the family are doing ok. Be kind to one another.

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